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Inspired by a training conducted by the Girl Rising team on gender-based violence, one of the students, Puvvada Sree Vera Venkata Sai, built a team of 150 members to lay the foundation of ‘Pavitram’ (Sacred), a group of college students who visit nearby schools to spread awareness about gender equality. The group follows a holistic approach wherein they sensitize teachers, students as well as parents. To incentivize parents’ participation from underprivileged communities, the team offers a popular India snack, samosa at their sessions. In the hope of making education accessible for girls from underserved communities, the team collects funds for their education and has joined hands with a local school to provide education at a subsidized rate. Puvvada’s story serves as an inspiration to everyone who is striving to build a more gender equal work, just as how he was spurred into action through GR’s stories!