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Girl Rising’s work in India is focused on enhancing the value of women and girls in their own eyes and in the eyes of society. Simultaneously, Girl Rising provides avenues for individuals, communities and organizations to take positive and concrete action to help women and girls be full and equal participants in society.

Using Fledging Fund’s Framework which places compelling media and curricula at its core, GR brings attention to harmful attitudinal and behavioral mindsets as well as spotlights stories of change to inspire new possibilities.
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We believe that our impact must not be restricted to few states or cities. Gender inequality is omnipresent, and, thus, our effort has been to touch newer geographies with all our interventions. So far, we have implemented our programs through our network partners across 12 states of India. These include Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan, Telangana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

Girl Rising came to India with a project supported by USAID. Currently, our work in India is funded by a range of donors. Amongst others, these include – Ford Foundation, Global Giving Circle, and Global India Fund. If you are interested in supporting our efforts in India, email us at

Cultural norms, traditions and practices are some of the reasons why it is predicted that it will take more than 100 years for India to achieve gender equality.

Apart from gender-based discrimination at workplace, schools and homes, one can observe various manifestations of gender-based violence across the country. Years of systematic oppression have led men and women to internalize and perpetuate this discrimination and violence.

Over the years, several researches and studies by organizations, such as UNESCO and World Bank, have shown that educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation.

Studies confirm that if we invest in girls and women, it creates a ripple effect and benefits not only that one person but also their families, communities and nations. Investing in girls can help break the cycles of poverty not just in a generation but in subsequent ones as well.

Additionally, research corroborates that children internalize gender stereotypes as well as myths related to roles and potential of girls and boys at a very young age. Weeding out these myths during their adolescent years can have life-altering consequences on their gender related behavior and aspirations. Furthermore, a systematic intervention before they enter adulthood and join the labor-force holds the potential to inspire them to not see gender as an impediment while choosing a career.

Storytelling has the potential to enable critical reflection and initiate important dialogues. It is a powerful tool if you want to create lasting behavioral change. Films and movies are compelling visual media instrument that communicates thought-provoking content in a simple manner to the masses.

These stories are all based on the lives of real girls who a team of ABC journalists met and spent time with. All the stories contain elements of truth and that of imagination. However, the team wanted to capture all facets of truth not just literal but also emphasize on the factual and emotional as well or what the writer Tim O’Brien calls “story truth”. This is a fairly new concept in film world, but one that literature recognized decades ago. Each story featured in the film is a true story, though some elements may have been reimagined during the film’s production.

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Shortened versions of the film in both Hindi and English, along with discussion guides are available to everyone – individuals, NGOs, companies and schools – who wants to host a screening and bring this important message to their community.

Our Meet the Girls page features a look at each of the girls in the film and updates on their educational journey.

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