Credit: Gayatri Malhotra

Stories have the power to inspire us to dream big for ourselves. They help us imagine a future where we can unleash our potential by breaking barriers and norms that hold us back. It is this power of storytelling that Girl Rising India weaves into all its work.

Girl Rising grew from a film to an organization that keeps adolescents and women and girls at the center of its work. By developing catalytic content and media tools, GR India works to transform gendered attitudes and norms.

How does GR India leverage the power of storytelling?

By developing compelling mass media and public awareness campaigns that kickstart conversations on creating a gender equitable world.

Through community interventions that inspire adolescents and young girls to dream big for themselves.

To amplify its impact, GR India partners with and cultivates allies who believe in building a future where opportunities are not defined by gender.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) is a core element across all GR programs to help measure impact, identify gaps and improve outcomes. To track the impact of its country-level projects across the globe, we are developing a robust and adaptable MEL framework to systematically understand the influence of its interventions on mindsets, social-emotional skill development, gender attitudes and behavior at three levels – youth, teacher and organization. Findings will contribute to a body of evidence on the influence of storytelling interventions in addressing gender norms and behaviors.